As a successful small or medium-sized building contractor, have you ever had to pass up taking on more work, not because you couldn't get the resources, but because you simply can't manage all the information?

With a few projects on the go, it's possible to keep on top of jobs keeping info in your head, written on bits of paper, or on simple spreadsheets. As workload increases, you find those systems don't work and you can risk losing control.

atom is a simple tool that helps you throw away the bits of paper, keeping you on top of all those vital management tasks, documents, and communication.

For example, atom lets you ensure your invoices go out on time, cost jobs more accurately, and share all the important info with clients and subcontractors, all from a single, easy-to-use tool.

"Lets me Punch Above My Weight!"

This is Pete Waylett. Pete’s a building surveyor in Bristol who uses atom to compete with bigger companies

Click to play the video & hear what Pete says about atom.

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