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Order Ownership

Each Order within atom can be assigned an owner, someone who is responsible for ensuring that the customer is looked after. The ownership of an Order can be transferred as the job progresses, like handing over the baton in a relay race.

Using atom, each user can see which Orders and Messages belong to them.


The Home screen shows which Orders have outstanding actions and need chasing up.

The Order screen shows all orders owned, grouped by Order type and status.


Atom uses the Ownership concept combined with Reminders to keep staff focussed on the right customer at the right time and ensures nothing gets forgotten.

Key dates, in combination with Ownership, remind staff to review orders at key points in the process.


Follow Up allows users to set themselves a reminder to review an Order at some later date or time. Key dates are used to notify users that Orders should be reviewed.

Order Status

In order to accommodate your particular process and the way you like to do business, Atom can be tailored to suit your needs. You can create a set of steps or statuses which reflect how jobs progress from start to finish.

As a job moves through it's lifecycle, a record of who changed the status and when provides an complete audit trail.

When looking at the Work In Progress across the whole company, the Order Status will give you a good understanding of where your money is tied up.


You can create an Order Type dependent upon the type of work you undertake. Within each Order Type, you can then define any number of individual steps where jobs would normally sit during their lifecycle.

Messages and Notes

Finding a job and adding a quick note to keep everyone up to date is easy. Plus, you can send messages and reminders to other members of the team if they are busy or out of the office, that way you can be sure the customer is not forgotten.


New notes are added easily and can be seen in the Notes tab within an Order

Sending a new message to someone else in the team is just as easy


When you are contacting clients, customers and suppliers, you can use the Atom to log your actions to provide an audit trail of inbound and outbound correspondence, including email, letters and phone calls.


Contacts from any external organisation can be added. Emails, telephone calls, letters and faxes can all be tracked if required.

Sales and Purchase Orders

Sales Orders record the revenue on a job and can track any variations accurately. Purchase Orders record and track all costs whether it is labour, materials or plant. Using these features mean you could get a picture of your Gross Margin for each Order.

This will give you visibility of an important aspect of your operation; are you making sufficient profit?


Purchase Orders are used to track the costs on an order whether it is labour, materials or plant hire.

Sales Orders form the basis for invoicing your clients and all price variations can be tracked.

Documents and Photos

Electronic documents such as Word and Excel files can be attached to an associated Order, along with any digital images such as photos and faxes etc.

This allows you to keep all associated documentation together, where it is easy to find and manage.


Electronic documents such as letters and spreadsheets can be saved very easily.

And uploading photos is just as simple.

Management Reports

In order to understand the performance of the business and the progress of the Work In Progress, a reporting system is available. The reports are supplied in Excel format and can be tailored to your specific requirements.


Quickly see all your order statistics in graph or spreadsheet format

Many more benefits - try atom in your business at no risk!

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