Faster, more Accurate Invoicing

Invoicing accurately is important for maximising your margin. Moving to atom has allowed all our clients to speed up their invoicing processes.

All documentation is in one place and jobs can be passed from operational staff to the finance team at the click of a button.

See your Gross Margins Instantly

Keeping the gross margin at the front of everybody's mind as a job progresses is vital for acheiving planned profitability.

atom ensures your working margin is visible at all times either, whether you're working in the job details or reporting.

Less Paperwork

atom acts like an electronic filing cabinet where you store all your iimportant documents such as photographs, work schedules, correspondence and timesheets.

Once an item is stored, anyone in the team can see it, wherever they are.

Better Communications

When your team atom to record what they are doing at each stage, everyone can see the current status of a job at any time.

Some of our clients now use atom to keep fully informed in preference to making phone calls.

Accurate Job Costing

atom lets you review ongoing work on a regular basis to identify risks in jobs in advance, such as overspending, giving you the possibility of managing the issues.

Clarity with Subcontractors

You can give your subcontractors controlled access to atom, send them work via the Internet, and even track how they are progressing.

You can share schedules, photos and other documentation, and atom ensures there is always a full audit trail to ensure you protect yourself by keeping track of communications indefinitely.

"atom is incredibly affordable"
  • Just £100 per regular user per month
  • FREE accounts for occasional users
  • No big up-front investment, just pay monthly
  • No long-term commitment

Many more benefits - try atom in your business at no risk!

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